Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Your child will have homework every day.  Assignments are posted on the board each day.  Students are responsible for recording them in their planner.  Parents are responsible for signing planners every night when homework is complete.  We will check planners each morning. 

Special notices and deadlines are clearly labeled and sent home in planners.  Students who are absent are responsible for completing missed work at home.  Please call the school office by 9am to have make-up work available for pick-up by the end of the school day. Students--not Mrs. Ballenger or Mrs. Stover--are responsible for obtaining notes or information that was presented in class on the day they were absent. 

Students are allowed one day per absence to complete make-up work.  Late, sloppy, or incomplete work will not receive credit.  Tests are posted a week in advance. Students who are absent on test/quiz days will be expected to make-up the test on the day he/she returns to school. 

Spelling homework will be assigned each week and is due each Wednesday.  Spelling Tests will be each Wednesday, as well. If a student is absent on Wednesday, they are expected to turn their Spelling in on the day they return. These assignments are on going and students know they are always due on Wednesday.

Please check your child's planner each day. We will only sign the planner when the assignments are accurate. Sufficient time and due dates will be given to large projects.  
Monday Folders are due back by Wednesday. Students who do not turn in their folder, homework, or have their planner signed will not be able to participate in Fun Friday.